Philosophy: We value lengthy partnerships with our clients based on understanding their needs and accomplishing transformational, sustainable gains in performance. While we recognize that our role is transitional, we strive for our impact to be long-lasting. We are relentless in defining, communicating, and achieving a shared vision through teamwork.
Experience: Clients say our unique perspective with an average of 15 years of industry experience across major functional groups sets us apart. From R&D and Clinical Development, to Regulatory, Quality, Manufacturing, and Sales & Marketing, we understand how the pieces fit together and help anticipate both opportunities and obstacles. We set high standards for both designing and helping to implement change.
Methodology: Successful projects evolve from Initiation and Discovery through Design and Implementation. Leaders and staff are engaged in accomplishing clear goals and objectives across process, people, and technology. Success rests on a shared vision, structured teams, delegation, empowerment, regular communications and accountability. Established concepts and tools support successful project delivery (e.g., lean enterprise, organizational development, change management, web enablement, Six Sigma, process mapping, FMEA, 80/20, root cause analysis, ABC, statistical process control).
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